The Hard Drive was my first music project. I started it in 2007 and it turned into a full band in early 2011 – this is why I started releasing music under my own name back then. But before any true band recordings were made, the band came to a halt and went on hiatus.

I. The Hard Drive
released: May 24 2010

II. The Last Days
released: October 19 2010

III. Before The Storm
released: May 23 2011

EPs and compilations:
I. Countermeasures
released: September 1 2010

II. Deconstructions – THD Remixed
released: December 28 2011

III. Sequence Started – An Introduction To The Hard Drive
released: August 16 2015

I. Night
released: August 15 2010

II. Rolling Thunder
released: June 11 2011

III. Storm Remains
released: August 16 2013