Over the years (since 2009) I’ve written lyrics which I wanted to use for songs. As almost all of them haven’t been recorded yet, I decided to simply release the lyrics as they are. As my music reflects my influences to a certain part, so do these lyrics. The numbering roughly follows the actual writing history of the songs, mainly ranging from 2009 to 2013.

1. You Have Lost Yourself
2. One Day
3. Taxi Driver
4. Terminated
5. A Cage
6. The Dark Sea
7. Spirit In Mind
8. When The Rain Falls
9. All Change
10. Complete
11. No Time
12. You Must Be Crazy
13. Too Easy
14. The Escape
15. Time Changes Things
16. Fear
17. Pleasure
18. Passion
19. The One
20. Remember The Words
21. Here We Are, Lost In Space
22. Not For You
23. Dark Blue
24. Heavy Bond
25. The Lonely Wanderer
26. Birds Of Passage
27. The War, My Love
28. Love Lost
29. Breaking Like Glass
30. I Know A Secret
31. The Road
32. What Are You Thinking Now?
33. Exit
34. Underneath
35. On The Leave
36. An Angel Is Calling My Name
37. Anytime Will Do
38. Find The Truth Within Yourself
39. Burning Mekong Delta
40. Weight Of The World
41. Fading Away
42. We’re One
43. [untitled fragment]
44. [untitled fragment]
45. Hijacker Of Hearts [fragment]
46. Darkness Falls
47. Living In The Past [fragment]
48. [untitled]
49. So Wrong, So Right
50. Liberty Balance
51. No Escape From The Blues [unfinished]
52. [untitled]
53. [ohne Titel]
54. [untitled]

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