Things evolve
they never stay
everything must
find its way

don’t you know that when you wake up
the change has come to you?
do you ask yourself questions
or can you see it through?

the bright sun shines
drawing lines
as you look outside
thinking of times
when it all was different
not the same like today
thinking about it
in a silent way

things become
then end again
the way of life
a simple plan

no one stays the same
all change the way they are
no one is constant
as the northern star

while you’re asleep
your thoughts fly around
creating new ideas
without a sound
challenging fears
building up
a shelter of hope
and burying again
so slowly
but the time flies
though it never dies
from the heat
to the ice
in your eyes

don’t you know
I can see it
in your eyes


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