When I see you
when I feel you at night
when I’m inside
then I feel the heat
out on the street
I lose the taste
I so long for

I need you here
I need you now
but is it really you
or someone else somehow

I need the feeling
I keep dreaming of
I can’t get rid of
you make these dreams real
but do these lips seal
what you really want
what I really need

you want me here
you don’t want me now
now it is really me
but somewhere else
somewhere real

and there you are
and they turned off the lights
they closed the curtains
to keep the secret sight
that everyone knows
where everyone goes
but where no one is

and you feel so special
and you are somehow
but you’re not at all
but for me you are
so near yet so far
and there we are
we are


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