Sometimes, you know,
when there’s nothing at all,
when people seem to hide themselves,
when they start to build this wall,
then you don’t know what to do,
it all seems so unreal,
maybe they’re gone or is it you?

And when the light fades,
that’s the time when you
start to see the shapes,
you can hear the voices
so clearly in your head,
but you have no choice,
they start to drive you mad.

You can’t recognize them,
but you’ve heard them before,
and when you try to remember
you forget even more.

They’re just inside,
you know they are,
With that in mind
you won’t get too far.
You have to change
your mindset now,
simply rearrange,
escape somehow,
out of this cage.

Get out of this cage
where you’ve locked yourself in,
a dark world underneath,
but the ice is so thin,
once you’ve broken into,
there is no relief
one thing you should know:
down there you can’t breathe.


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