Out in this heat
in a far-away place
we weren’t made to be in

no regrets
no disgrace
it isn’t yours anyway

I once wondered what we’re dying for
but lately I don’t care anymore

back home I’m a broken man
since the day it all began
got nothing left to fight for
or lose

the people there, they talk too much
they’re telling lies
come over here and watch
how humanity dies

got no kids and got no wife
I’m just trying to save my life

so tell me, why should we feel bad?
our only hope is to forget

we’re trapped
we can’t get out alive

carry on, carry on
until they’re all gone

shoot them all
hunt them down
show no mercy

we will drive them before us
and down to the narrow
then call for a broken arrow

let it burn, let it burn
burn it all down
make me forget


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