I felt the time was over
all things came to an end
and my life was outworn
I could no longer stand

I stood there before you
covered in dust, driven mad
with all my defenses down
I lost everything I had

I watched a life from distant stars
not realising this life was ours
and I wandered so many miles
unable to see the signs

felt the wounds and the stings
of all these missing things
that once had been so bright
and how they sank in the night

I walked across the burning sands
I walked on the frozen moon
and I heard a quiet voice say
your time is coming soon

join me and we’ll touch the sky
seeing your times all fly by
searching for the eternal light
still shining in the darkest night
standing in the fiery shores of hell
waiting for the magic spell
still looking for your lost power
a small spark in the final hour

I’m here after all is gone
join me but it is your choice
you will find me standing in the sun
and I’ll be crying in a loud voice
be there, I’ll use my power not undone
to take you to the place where you belong
once, forever
lost, never
found again
in the rain
trust me this time, I won’t do nothing wrong
to take you to the peace where you belong

you’re free to get back home


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