January 2018 message

Hello dear fans!

I hope you had a great start into the new year. Currently I’m working on another collaboration which will result in an album (all songs are nearly finished) as well as a remix project for a quite famous British piano player. I also received drum tracks for the Fragments of Winter album but there still is a lot to record for this album.

Last month I had a look at my archives and created collections for each year of my music-making, starting with 2007 (2008 is missing there, though). These collections feature unused and unreleased songs, demos and ideas and they are available for subscribers on my Bandcamp page. For 15€ per year (or more € if you like to) you can access all of these collections and more music, for example deleted items like the Live Birds EP, the One Day album or a set of recent Live Tests. Here are the details.

Some shorter news: this is the new edition of Turbulenz (with two bonus tracks and new cover art by Jürgen Heckel), the album I recorded with Nystada. (Yes, now with the German title.)

And here is I Have Fought! with Giles Jacobs. There still are CDs of this EP available via my Bandcamp page.

Talk to you soon,

W. Merx

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