December 2017 message

Hello dear fans!

Apart from three or four projects with other musicians (more about those when they happen next year), the main project I‘m currently working on is a new album called Fragments of Winter. It will feature two yet unfinished solo songs from a few years back, more songs with Roger Palmeri on guitar as well as recent material. I‘m also collecting initial ideas for the upcoming Triptychon EPs (parts II to IV) with three tracks on each EP.

Moreover I‘m going to add the Turbulenz album I recorded together with electronic musician Nystada in 2014 (with a bonus track and new cover art) and the 2015 I Have Fought! EP with Giles Jacobs from Placement on the major platforms such as iTunes and Amazon soon.

From now on I‘ll try to write you a monthly message with updates. Until then you might listen to Still Drones by Roger Palmeri and me and the first Triptychon EP.

I hope you‘ll enjoy the festive times. All the best for 2018!

W. Merx

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