Giles Jacobs & Wolfgang Merx – I Have Fought!

Giles Jacobs is best-known as a member of Placement and we’ve first met back in the days of Myspace, shortly after I began to make my music available online (around 2009). Back then we’ve already wanted to work on music together but that didn’t happen at first. It actually started quite slowly with only one song based on a short clavinet track of mine which eventually became Cloud Funk on the Vanguard album as well as on Placement‘s album Pieces From A Life.

After the release of this track we were sure to work again in the future, although it became clear that only Giles as one half of Placement had the time to collaborate. After exchanging first ideas in 2013 the first song – and later the title track of the EP – I Have Fought! was done, although it didn’t have a name yet. Being a purely instrumental track at this stage, the death of the great Nelson Mandela and the following radio broadcasts gave us a topic which worked quite well with the music and its influences, mainly the works of Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno. Giles recorded one of Mandela’s speeches and used it for this track. Without us knowing yet, the EP’s concept began to evolve.

We worked on more songs with similar themes and used every track on the final EP. To me, the EP is one long song split into different parts with recurring themes, similar to classical songs (speaking of the music’s form). The initial idea was to have Antonio de Braga play on all songs but his schedule didn’t allow this to happen. His drumming on the title track is a key element nevertheless.

The EP was ready to go but I wanted to release it on two labels: Giles’ The Lime Green Yellow Recording Company and We Are All Ghosts, the label I was associated with back then (mind that the EP as well as all my other music was deleted from this label’s catalogue shortly after this EP’s release). We decided to release it on CD as well, so Giles created the album art. Sadly the actual pressing of the CD had to be delayed because of machine malfunctions but after all the EP was released on July 31 2015.

The feedback both Giles and I received after releasing the EP was stunning. It is great to see that this kind of “electronica meets world music” is appreciated. I’m sure that Giles and I will work together again.


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