Merx & Nystada – Turbulenz

The album was released on October 19 2014. My words from its liner notes: “The actual process of creating this album – finding new song ideas, recording new tracks, mixing the songs and all that – took just nine days. It all went surprisingly well and without a halt. The songs simply fell into our laps, so to speak. The new direction isn’t simply the sum of the parts, I think. Although the process went fast, I’m sure this is rather the first step of a lot of new things to come.

We thought about one track. That really went well already, so we started another. It went, you assume, well, too. In the end we had seven tracks and each was a pleasure to make.
– Nystada

The seven tracks presented here grab some interesting historical musical elements…some krautrock here, some eighties synth sounds there…and mixes them with more modern production and style. The title of the collection, “Turbulence,” is perhaps meant to hint at the variety of sounds. The album runs the gamut from pop to experimental.
Albert E. Trapezoid (for Netlabelism)

After all it’s a real electronica pearl!
Mark X (for Yeah I Know It Sucks)

I. Urbanität – This was the first song we completed, straight out of the blue (and into the black …almost). It is based on Nystada’s rhythmic idea which was unused back then and turned into some kind of ’75 Kraftwerk song, back when they began to invent electronic (non-)pop. Still, the seemingly loose rhythm is the main difference here.

II. Malfunction – This one was based on a rhythmic idea (basically two-step) by Nystada, too. I added the tape-delayed strings in one or two takes.

III. Motorik – The drum machine track of this song goes back to the early days of my music-making and remained in the archives for a long time until I realised it could be used within this project. Nystada tweaked it significantly, I added the lead synth parts, played on a Korg MS-20 mini. No surprise, this song has a motorik beat and is our tribute to Neu!, more or less the inventors of this kind of beat.

IV. Halbdunkel – The e-piano sequence was recorded by me a long time ago and was expanded by Nystada’s great rhythm track and the rhythmic synth bleeps, giving the song a certain swing and an off-beat shift while always keeping time. Again, I added the strings as well as the drones and the synth solo in the background.

V. Turbulenz – This song is based on a live improvisation I recorded years ago, simply consisting of the sequence and the lead synth line. Nystada added the percussive synths and the synth track in the background.

VI. Untergrund – The drum track has the same origin as the one of Motorik but was heavily expanded by Nystada. Funnily enough I can’t remember who added the lead synth track.

VII. Sorcerer – Truth to be told: this was the last track which was completed for the album and only I play on it. But it emerged from working on this album so it wouldn’t have been created without Nystada’s ideas. So thank you, Nystada!

Speaking of the influences of this album, I can only say that – apart from the usual influences Nystada and I share (Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and more) – we influenced each other by simply listening to the tracks we received. We played and recorded the new ideas as fresh and raw as they were, creating a nice contrast to most of the initial ideas which remained unused for quite a while. After all – or rather the few days this album’s creation took – working on this album was a game changer for me, showing how easily and fast new music can evolve while it seems and feels like it has been waiting for years to be released.


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