I try to remember,
everything dull,
waiting for an answer
or just for a call.

There’s nothing left,
all is gone,
the time is over,
nothing done.

Going back,
back to this place,
where we once were,
an open space,
are you still there?
Now tell me, are you still there?

I try to remember,
try to recall,
I hope the feeling comes slowly,
if it only comes at all.

Now I’m standing there again,
I know this place so well,
but since you’ve gone,
it just feels like hell.

It was one day,
I was on my way
and saw you sitting there,
you joined me and we went somewhere.
We escaped from routine,
you know what I mean,
but we came back again,
and our parting was pain.

I saw you the other day,
but you just walked away.
I tried to stand straight
as long as I could.
You weren’t even watching,
I hoped you would.

When you were gone
you know I broke down.
Since then I’m lost
and still paying the cost.

Now I’m back,
back at this place,
where we once were,
an open space,
you are still there,
Now I know, you are still there.

The memories return,
I feel like I’d burn,
it’s like paying for sins,
now the feeling begins…


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