I want to care for you, my dear
I want to help you, be there
so show me where it hurts
and take me to your fear

take me to the place
that only you can know
tell me about your nightmares
and don’t let go

now I see a forest
in pale moonlight
and I see you
standing there in fright

dark clouds in the sky
they sometimes take our sight
and fade it all to black
leaves are flying through the night

it’s misty and so cold
and the wind blows and blows
you shiver but won’t move
now I hold you so close

I see your blue eyes
and your long blonde hair
but you silently cry
your face shows your fear

you are looking at me
but you’re feeling so cold
your eyes mirror the scene
the fear of your soul

now lose your fear
I’m by your side
don’t fade away
I’m here


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